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100 Pixel Awards

The Creative Icon Awards Community

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Welcome to 100pixel_awards! The all inclusive icon awards community! Nominate any kind of icon, stock icons, musical icons, fandom icons!

Mods: warriorssoul121, moviesurfer & mangofandango.

1. You can nominate no more than 3 icons in one category. You can nominate as many icons as you want for the special category.
2. 1 nom post per week. If we extend the noms another week please make a new post adding more noms. If you have more noms to add during the week, please edit your original post.
3. If you nominate an icon of your own, you MUST nominate 2 icons by another icon maker.
4. DO NOT put your noms under a cut!
5. An icon can NOT win the same category more than once. All winning icons will be archived.
6. Please try and upload all nominations to your own. Hotlinking is allowed for nominations, unless the icon maker specifically forbids hotlinking for nominations.

The Timeline will now be as follows:
Nomming Tues-Sat, Voting Sun-Mon (giving you weekend nom time)

Broken hallelujah: Best cropping
The Chicken Dance: Best Funny Icon
Clouds: Best use of texture and/or brushwork
Duet: Best 'ship/couple icon
Happy Go Lucky: Best Happy Icon
Mirrors and Fevers: Best Use of Repeated Image
Move It: Best Animated
Secrets: Best use of text in an icon
Sidekick: Best Minor Character
Solitary: Best Character (Icon that best portrays a character)
Sound of Silence: Best Textless Icon
Sunglasses at night: best black and white icon (can have a splash of color)
Sunrise, Sunset: Best Coloring
Team Chemistry: Best Friendship/Family icon
Two sides to every soul: Best Blending or Manipulation
Undiscovered: Most Original Icon
Valley of Darkness: Best Emotional Icon (though happiness and joy would go with best happy)

Special Category:
Wonderful World of Disney: Best Disney Icon

COPY AND PASTE nominating format, to make it easier on you guys XD
(the special category here in updated with the userinfo)

Format To Nominate (category first, on next line icon, and icon maker, make sure you do the lj tag for the icon maker)

by warriorssoul121

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